The use of Synthetic Fibers in Irrigation Canal Lining, Highways, Airport and Waterway Construction has been a keystone to the success of Smart-Fibre. From Ultra-Thin Whitetopping (UTW) to CANAL LINING, APRONS and TAXIWAYS; Synthetic Fibers can and do play an important role. Whether the application requires cast-in-place Concrete, Precast Concrete or Shotcrete, the three-dimensional reinforcement provided by SMART-FIBER will always enhance the durability of the concrete.
Use of Micro Fibrillated Fiber — increases ductility, tensile strength, moment capacity and stiffness. It also supports high and low flow velocities with very good flow rate.
These areas are often subjected to extreme working and atmospheric conditions which make the concrete slabs in these areas prone to damages. Use of SMART-FIBER increases capacity to resist fatigue with increased residual flexural strength, better finish and increased life.

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