The Introductory range includes Micro and Macro Synthetic Fibers, extruded, processed and cut into specific lengths to suit different applications of construction. The product can be used in ready mix concrete, pre-cast concrete and Sprayed concrete in both underground and over-ground applications. The profiled flat surface of the fiber improves bond between the fiber and the concrete resulting in remarkable increase in Average Residual Flexural Strength of the Concrete. Use of the material in required dosage also helps increase the Average Compressive Strength. This can be used as temperature-shrinkage and plastic-shrinkage reinforcement in concrete.

SMART-FIBER manufacturing process adopts new technologies in production to ensure homogenous mixing of fibres in the concrete mix. The fibre is UV stabilised to avoid damage to fibre and to concrete in-turn, from extreme sun and heat conditions.

Thanks to the special blending of polymers and additives. Specific Gravity of SMART-FIBER is almost 0.96 which is very close to 1 and much higher than the specific gravity of other similar products which have Specific Gravity 0.90. SMART-FIBER Macro Synthetic Fiber is designed to perform in stringent conditions, with the benefits of increased performance. Perfect bee-hive construction of the fiber provides for much needed reinforcements, reduced costs by replacing heavier steel mesh and improved safety conditions. It enhances the toughness of the concrete without losing flexibility, thus providing for better strength and well finished concrete surface.

SMART-FIBER Micro Synthetic Fiber is designed to reduce the occurrence of plastic shrinkage cracking and plastic settlement. It enhances the surface properties and the durability of the hardened surface of the product. The fibers are cut to lengths of 3, 6, 12 or 18mm with a nominal thickness of 50 Microns. These fibers are also treated with surfactant to improve dispersion and bonding. These can perform in stringent conditions, offer increased performance. Construction of the fiber provides for much needed reinforcements. It enhances the toughness of the concrete without losing flexibility, thus providing for better strength and well finished concrete surface.

General Applications

  • Residential and Commercial Slabs-on-ground
  • Internal Floor Slabs
  • Mortar/renderings
  • Architectural and Ornamental Precast Concrete Elements
  • Repair Materials
  • Screed
  • External hard-standings and pavements.
  • Agricultural Areas
  • Irrigation ditches and channels
  • Marine/Coastal Concrete
  • Shortcrete applications.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Excellent distribution throughout the concrete-mix
  • Excellent temperature-shrinkage reinforcement
  • Because of flat tape structure offers 3-dimensionsl reinforcement system
  • Increases the residual flexural strength of the concrete
  • Excellent reduction in shrinkage and settlement cracking.
  • Extends service life of the concrete—increases durability
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Excellent UV/Heat stability in the sun
  • Easier and safer to handle than steel
  • Does not rust or corrode
  • Reduces wear-tear on pumps and hoses
  • Provides an alternative to steel reinforcement or crack control mesh
  • Reduced Bleeding
  • Increased impact resistance
  • Higher specific gravity to help better and quicker dispersion

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