The use of fibers in reinforced concrete flexure increases Ductility, tensile strength, moment capacity and stiffness. The fibers improve crack control and preserve post cracking and structural integrity of mortar.


The use of construction fibers in mortar eliminate sudden failure characteristic of concrete beams. It increases stiffness, torsional strength, ductility, rotational capacity. It reduces the number of cracks and crack width is also reduced substantially.


Fibers increases ductility of high strength concrete. Fiber addition helps in controlling cracks and deflections.

SMART-FIBER is primarily used to reduce occurrence of plastic shrinkage cracking and plastic settlement. At the same time, SMART- FIBER enhances surface properties and the durability of the hardened concrete product.

SMART-FIBER offers excellent distribution and finish of concrete and enhances impact and surface abrasion resistance. The fibrillation pattern is designed to optimize mechanical bond between mortar mix and fiber. The fiber with its bee-hive design acts like a three-dimensional profile enhancing the reinforcement properties. Due to ultra-low denier, larger number of fibrillated bundles (fibers) are introduced in the concrete mix, allowing for increased plastic and drying shrinkage crack resistance as compared to other synthetic materials.

The SMART-FIBER fiber can be used in ready mixed concrete, precast concrete and sprayed concrete in both above the ground and under the ground applications. The technically formed profiled surface of the SMART-FIBER’ Synthetic Fiber improves the bond between fiber and concrete resulting in improved residual flexural strength of the concrete.

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